Recioto Di Soave DOCG Classico

Made from specific parcels in the designated Cru vineyard of Costeggiola where over the years we have recognised grapes from these parcels as being particularly suitable for drying after harvest, thanks to the vineyard’s exposure, the age of the vines and the low productivity per vine.

The grapes of Garganega are selected from pergola vineyards in the central and low part of Costeggiola. Planted between 1960 and 1998, the vines produce excellent quality grapes. We select between 7% and 50% (rarely) of the grapes from the vines, usually around a third of the total product.The grapes are dried in wooden boxes in the “ fruttaio” of Costeggiola for between three and five months, depending on the vintage.We recommend this dessert wine served chilled (12-14° C or 54-57° F) with desserts such as lemon meringue, sponge cakes or short crust pastry.

Ageing potential: 10 years or more if correctly cellared